infinitec’s finance innovation platform

allows you to rapidly bring to market digital financial solutions based on an unbeaten innovation approach.

  • Create a higher stickiness among your (existing) customers through truly innovative & digital user experience
  • Implement innovative digital products on our innovation platform in as little as 3 months – with no compromises on regulation & compliance
  • Continuously develop your digital product offering with an iterative approach alongside your customer needs

Our innovation platform is live

and has already payed off for various partners across Europe – selected case examples


Joint Venture with Banca Sella in Italy

Solution for Italian freelancers to manage their finances

  • Live in 3 months
  • 2 tech providers integrated in one environment


Proof of concept with a leading bank in Germany

End to end digital banking ecosystem for small and medium size businesses

  • Live in 3 months
  • 4 FinTechs integrated in one single user interface


Joint pilot with a leading bank in the Netherlands

CFO-as-a-Service for SMEs in the Netherlands

  • Live in 2 months
  • Integrated Dutch accounting solution & legacy banking platform

We enable you to launch

customer-centric and compliant digital solutions based on infinitec solutions within 3 months

Preparation & Piloting

  • Solution design and implementation
  • Develop general concept
  • Define user segment & product offering
  • Validate interest & branding with user testing


  • Develop Go-to-market approach and define roadmap based on customer feedback
  • Onboard real customers
  • Iterate and Customize products and branding


  • Evaluate and adjust marketing & sales activities/channels continuously
  • Iterate functionalities constantly
  • Increase customer onboarding efforts through concentrated marketing efforts

Do you want to become part of our amazing team?

the infinitec SaaS solution is your innovation platform for an exceptional digital customer experience